Creations Georgianni jewelry is a handmade product, and requires special handling.

Please ensure you follow the instructions below to ensure you are able to maintain it, in its  original beautiful state.

Your jewelry must always be the last item you put on.

If you wear body creams, lotions, and perfume,  avoid applying them in the area where your jewelry will be touching your body

You must absolutely not apply perfume, hairspray or any type of aerosol to your body, if you are wearing our jewelry, or any type of jewelry.

If you do use these products when you wear your jewelry, a coating is creating on your jewelry, and as such the metals and crystals will lose their lustre.

Do not shower, swim or sleep with your jewelry

Place your jewelry separately in a cloth pouch, or plastic bag, individually to avoid scratches.

Use a soft cotton cloth, dampened with a drop of rubbing alcohol to clean your jewelry once you have worn it, and want to store it.

By this, you will be able to remove any fingerprints from your jewelry