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of elegance, is sure to
compliment the woman,
by adding glamour to her style


Custom Jewelry Designer

At Creations Georgianni our main focus has always been to design, and create statement, custom jewelry.

Custom jewelry, handmade in Canada, using only the finest metals, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and crystals.

A collection that can only be classified as “timeless”. Designs that can be tailored and offered to the client in the crystal of their choice, to match and compliment their evening gown.

Our second focus is to assist the client in “Finding the perfect Accessories”.

At Creations Georgianni Atelier in Laval, we have a wide selection of lovely tear drop earrings in all lengths, statement jewelry and lots of other fabulous jewels.

The choices are endless, from emerald cut necklaces and earrings, to soft blush vintage jewelry. All which can be customized.

The earrings can be ordered in pierced, or clip.

Please note, if you have super sensitive earlobes, which do not allow you to wear our usual posts, we can make the earrings for you using 14 KT gold posts, for a very small fee.

Totally worth it!!!

If a client calls prior to visiting our shop, and we discover they are searching for a custom piece to match a dress, we encourage them to bring it with them, as it will help in making the right choice.

If they do not yet have the dress, a picture will very helpful.

Once we have chatted , we are then able to assist our client in “Finding the perfect Accessories”.

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